High-Capacity Reciprocating Screen Type HS


High-Capacity Reciprocating Screen




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-          Substantially intensified screening action compared with the flat screen for greatly improved screening quality

-          A multiple of the throughput capacity derived from a smaller machine and less driving energy

-          Strong articulated rubber-spring supports, practice proven for many decades, exclude uncontrolled rocking when starting and during operation

-         Exceptionally stable articulated supports and frame, combined with carefully balanced drive, assure very smooth operation at the radically increased screening rate and intensity

-          Very simple adjustment of screen inclination, gyrating speed and oscillation amplitude (eccentric) guarantees fast and optimal adaption to all bulk solids

-          Large access covers at the sides ensure easy screen frame changing and optimal cleaning work

-         The dust arising during screening is forwarded together with the fines to a central dust filter so that no dust is collected in the screen, nor is it necessary to empty dust bins during operation

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