Horizontal Slicer


Horizontal Slicer HSL 1000






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-       Key component of the DCC line for the uniform moistening, heating and opening of tobacco leaves and strips

-      Horizontal operation ensures gentle portioning of bales consisting of tobacco leaves (manufacture of fine-cut tobacco)

-          The bales of tobacco are fed into the line

-       Minimum height of the bale sections approx. 100 mm, the number of sections can be selected freely by means of a touch panel

-          The standard version is suitable for bales with dimensions of 1200 x 800 x 900 mm = L x W x H - other dimensions are possible

-         Feed motion and isolating motion powered by gear motors and pneumatic cylinder

-         Capacity of the system in its standard version for 4 tobacco bales with dimensions of L 1150 x W 750 x H 750 (C48) and a weight of 200 kg: 5400 kg/h

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