Herbs processing line






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         1. Loosening and dosing machine

            The bales are deposited on the feed table by a fork-lift truck or hoisting gear. Removal of the packaging and transport into the loosening section, with automatic fast movement, as long as the photocells in front of the loosening drums are not covered. Long-stem bulky herb stock is placed on the hand feeding table so that it does not pass through the loosening section. The plant stock is metered as it is advanced to the foreign matter separator


          2. Foreign matter separator

          Coarse impurities are removed while the plant stock is simultaneously conditioned by steaming to make leaves and stems pliable and thereby avoid fracture losses during cutting


           3. Precision herb cutting machine

      The stock is reduced by cutting with 4 flat knives or it is cut square by 2 flat knives and 2 bars with scoring knives


           4. Pneumatic Sifting

           Pneumatic ducting of the cut herbs through pipes has proved to be the most effecitve way of stock conveying. A sifter can be integrated into the stream to remove the last small foreign particles contained in the cut stock, or recover beans or kernels from cut shells. Pneumatic conveying simultaneously dries the cut stock


           5. Centrifugal separator

           Before the cut stock is transferred from the pneumatic conveying system to the high-capacity vibratory screen it passes through the centrifugal separator


           6. High-capacity vibratory screen

           The conveyed stock is gently loosened by a horizontal circulatory and vibratory motion. This continuous gyration spreads out the stock, as opposed to the unfavourable to and fro motion of the simple shaking screen. It also ensures reliable removal of stems. The number of fractions produced conforms with the number of screens employed. The fractions can be filled into paper bags, bins or other containers. The spill-over (e.g. the coarse fraction) can be returned by vibrating conveyor

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