Precision Herb Cutting Machine



Cutting Machine ASK




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-          Low-energy cutting; a particularly favourable cutting system keeps the share of the tailings (also with sensitive plants) to an absolute minimum

-          Its cutting capacity is 10 times that of hitherto known machines, and for square cuts it is 5 times as fast (particulary important for fine cuts)

-          Uncomplicated mechanical driving system with continuously variable cutting width by adjusting gears

-          Mass-balanced rotary knife system for very smooth operation

-          Knives with a long service life to radically reduce cutting costs

-          A special drawing-in system evens out differences in the bulk density of the in-fed material

-          The high cutting capacity at a low driving energy input makes it possible to reduce existing cutting lines to make better use of available space and to secure substantial costs savings

-          The high cutting quality greatly improves raw material yields and results in significant cost benefits

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