Horizontal Blending and Storage Installation


Silo feeding and blending process



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-          Extremely reliable and gentle blending method to deal even with the most sensitive materials

-          The most important element of this installation is a „mixing carriage“ reversing longitudinally to and fro above the so-called „mixing bin“. It is designed as a light, yet very stable trough belt powered by a light toothed-belt drive. This results in minimal dynamic forces as well as in a particulary robust design and dependable operation.

-          The operation of a combined storage and conveying belt system in conjunction with the tall completely sealed sidewalls of the „mixing bin“, and a gently acting rake system at the delivery end guarantee extremely accurate discharging for continuous and prompt feeding of follow-on equipment

-          This ideally controlled blending action ensures that the material is not subjected to any significant mechanical stresses, thereby avoiding fracture losses and dust formation with sensitive products, as is inevitable with drum and screw mixers

-          The convenient and robust technical design of the combined blending storage system allows economical creation of even large and generously dimensioned mixing and storage capacities to deal with a very wide spectrum of meticulous blending assignments

-         The twin-bin arrangement allows alternative operation for mixing and dosaged discharge into a vibrating feeder through a pneumatically actuated sluice for very simple preselection and control of both functions

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