Pneumatic conveying equipment


Separating unit

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-          Pneumatic conveyor systems provide substantial advantages in bridging awkward distances, classification (foreign matter separation) and also tobacco cooling.

-          One specific difficulty of the system, which can be readily explained and illustrated, is often very long, indirect, and therefore unstable chain of actions between the fan and the suction nozzle, in which pipe flow first has to be built up and be multiplied

-          An extremely important element in this chain of actions, however, has now become available with our proven centrifugal airlock, Type FPS, which can be used in pneumatic conveyor systems to generally achieve an exceptionally high level of operational reliability.

-          In designing this airlock all the seals of the rotary vane feeder against air losses have been systematically realised in metal, with no contact and with self-cleaning, i.e. friction losses and abrasion of plastics can be ruled out right from the beginning so associated maintenance  work and production stoppages are not necessary

-          Separation at the rotating screen basket is also self-cleaning due to an effective air ducting system with changing directions of blow. The drive acts on the rotary vane feeder directly or via a strong sliding clutch and is monitored by an electronic zero speed switch

-          All in all, this low-wear, energy-saving design particularly achieves a considerable gain in operational reliability and smooth running

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