Gas heated Rotary Dryer


Gas heated Rotary Dryer





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-          Due to the dryer cylinder being supported at it`s entry end by a heavy duty ball-bearing turntable, the formation of cold areas is prevented

-         Comparatively fast automatic control is achieved by changing the amount of drying air in the system; only approx. 60% of the heat energy is fed in through the cylinder wall and 40% through the nozzle lance

-         Optimal heating of the drying air by the combustion gases via a heat exchanger with a large surface area results in very low energy consumption (gas)

-         Efficient heat transfer between the tobacco and the process air via the special arrangement of the nozzle lances

-         Control panel with PLC e.g. Siemens



Free jet drying cylinder


The relatively low drying temperatures are achieved by high speed air vortices using the evaporative cooling effect by fast drying in case of which both, tobacco as well as exit air temperatures, can be reduced far below the heating air temperatures


The relatively cool extraction of moisture avoids any caramelizing effects on dissolved residues in this moisture, which therefore enables to elastically accumulate and stabilize these residues on the cellular surface without losses and colour change. So the exit air can be kept free from any unnecessary taste effects on the surrounding, whilst a high part of the natural and elastic filling power can be conserved in spite of all the mechanical stresses in the pneumatic ducts and maker units afterwards


Moreover, the free jet principle enables a short residence time of the tobacco, compact dimensioning of the unit and a sudden reaction of the feed back system

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