Vibration Steaming Tunnel


Vibration Steaming Tunnel

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-          The break-through in steaming process technology can be used for conditioning (heating and moistening) all grades of tobacco leaf and cut material. The steaming tunnels can also be used for high temperature expansion of cut material, and for heating tobacco combined with drying

-          The optimized steaming process consistently achieved within our Vibration Steaming Tunnel VFC relies on a number of characteristics that only become fully effective with an uninterrupted flow of tobacco

-          A dependable and uniform material conveying system is of fundamental importance. This can be assured with our Vibrating Conveyors Type VF due to their constant conveying characteristics

-          The enclosed and heat-insulated tunnel section of the vibrating trough incorporates a series of closely spaced and interchangeable Laval nozzles, arranged side-by-side over the entire width of the trough base

-          These nozzles blow a suitable heat-carrying medium, e.g. super-heated steam, in the form of an intensive jet through the in-fed material

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