Cigarette Ripping Plant



Cigarette Ripping Plant



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Our proven BFQ 1100 ripping system provides…


-          An exceptionally high yield of long-fiber, bulky tobacco

-          A large output per hour; up to 1000 kg/h

-          Precision and reliability of all processing steps, so nothing will be left to chance

-          Multiple, early retrieval of loose tobacco so as not to lower its quality unnecessarily


-         Best possible recovery of large yields of reusable tobacco depends on the consistent implementation of a number of important principles


-         Early, reliable removal of all particles that are too coarse, too heavy or too light (paper) from discarded cigarettes in order to create uniform, exactly defined conditions for all processing steps that follow


-          Spreading of discarded cigarettes to obtain a wide single layer of optimally aligned (in conveyor direction) cigarettes


-          Wetting of paper wrap of cigarettes by applying sharp, narrow lines with a self-cleaning wet roller system. Bursting of wraps at minimum pressure in an accurate and easily adjustable self-cleaning squeeze roller system


-          Treatment by impact roller with synchronous impact frequency so that the impacts occur about 5 mm apart


-          Thorough screening of loosened tobacco by horizontally rotating shearing movements at high speed, which are propagated from one layer of the material to be sifted to the other, thus forcing the smaller particles to collect at the bottom


-          Treatment by a wide impact roller, with synchronous upstream draw-in rollers ensuring that the impacts occur again about 5 mm apart. In this fashion all tobacco residues will be reliably loosened and sifted

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